Drop in and Stitch with Miriam Campos

Visitors to the Intercambios: Art, Stories, & Comunidad, on view in the Ruth Davis Design Gallery from January 26-April 10, 2022,  are invited to stitch (or learn to stitch!) and chat with exhibiting artist Miriam Campos within the immersive gallery space and add to a collaborative embroidery.

Intercambios: Art, Stories, & Comunidad

Intercambios: Art, Stories, & Comunidad presents collaborative works from artists in Madison, Wisconsin, and Oaxaca, Mexico. Featuring painting, vibrant textiles, photography, printmaking, music, and video, the artists visually explore intersections of cultures, disciplines, concepts of art, belief systems, and community.

Sofia Hagström Møller: Lineage

Sofia Hagström Møller: Lineage investigates the roots of Scandinavian textile design and celebrates the legacy that American weaving shares with these traditions. B